Step by Step Guide to Setting Up Facebook Business Manager & Sharing Access

By September 16, 2015FAQs
Facebook Business Manager Access

So you’d like an agency or a trusted pay per click professional to take a look at your Facebook ads campaigns and help you improve your results? You’re going to need to setup a Facebook Business Manager account then provide access to your Facebook Ads consultant.

Facebook’s new Business Manager is great for businesses wanting to manage multiple Pages and give other’s access to manage aspects of these pages. It’s a slightly different interface to the normal one you’re used to and provides a range of tools for managing access to various aspects of your Page and Ads Account.

However, it’s not so straight forward to setup.

Grab a strong cup of your favourite warm beverage and dive in…

  1. If you haven’t already done so Setup Facebook Business Manager.
  2. Add Your Facebook Ads Account to Facebook Business Manager
  3. Give you Agency Access to you PAGE
  4. Give you Agency to your Ads Account

If you can follow this rabbit warren, your Facebook Ads dude or dudett won’t have to resort to other methods such as asking you for your personal Facebook login, or scheduling in a remote desktop session.

If you are one of our clients and it proves to be too overwhelming (can’t blame you if it does – writing this guide gave me a headache) we’ll organise a remote desktop session and do it for you.