10 Reasons Why You Should Be Advertising Your Business on Facebook

By October 15, 2015Facebook

As someone trying to market a business, you’re probably trying heaps of advertising mediums. I’m tipping you’re using AdWords, because being in Google’s search results is the modern day equivalent of being in the phone book, it’s become essential to be in the search results. You may have engaged an SEO business in the past with moderate results. You’ve done some direct mail, email marketing, maybe even tried Bing Ads.

And you might have heard of this Facebook thing but shied away from carving off some marketing budget because… it’s just another channel you have to get your head around. As a former marketing manager, I know, I’ve been there.

But here are 10 reasons why you should give Facebook Ads a chance.

1. Facebook Ads are relatively cheap

Unlike AdWords, Facebook ads, in most cases, are relatively cheap. The image below care of Brian Carter,  compares the cost of reaching 1000 people over 7 different advertising mediums.

Facebook Ads are Cheap

As an example, one of my clients markets a weddings service. Weddings are big business, there’s a lot of competitors out there. This particular client is paying upward of $3.80 per click on AdWords, but on Facebook, they are paying as little as $0.30 on their better performing ads. Significantly cheaper… and arguably better targeted as they can target Women aged 22 to 40, engaged to be married and living within 40km’s of their business.

2. The targeting is second to none

When people sign up to Facebook, they (more often than not) enter their date of birth, relationship status, gender, job title… then they go on to Like stuff, share stuff, check in at places. What do you think Facebook does with all this data? That’s right, they make it available to their advertises so that we can target people based on a huuuuge number of data points.

Here’s a map of all of the targeting options Facebook gives us marketers. You can download a high quality version here.

Facebook Audience Targeting Mind Map

3. Your audience is on Facebook

With 13 million active Australian users (that’s half the population by the way), chances are good to great that your audience is using Facebook. Even if you’re in a B2B business, the person you want to talk to about your services is still using Facebook. Why? Because her kids are on it and all her mothers group friends are using it to stay in touch.

4. Your can track everything

With conversion tracking you can track how affective your Facebook campaigns are at driving leads and sales. You can then optimise campaigns to minimise cost per acquisition and put more money into the campaigns that drive the most conversions. You can actually see what your ROI is for your advertising spend. Try getting that data out of 30 second radio advertisement.

5. You can easily advertise to your existing customers

Using Facebook’s “Custom Audience”, you can proactively advertise to people who have visited your website or signed up to your email list. This is very powerful, particularly for e-commerce website getting decent traffic. Using “remarking”, as it’s called in the biz, you can specifically target your Facebook messaging based on the area of the website someone has visited.

6. You can now advertise on Instagram via Facebook Ads

As of October 2015, you can advertise on Instagram. Who’s using Instagram I hear you ask? Around 2.9 million Australians, 38 million Americans, 3.4 million Canadians, 5.6 million Poms and 340,000 Kiwis. But most importantly, your competitors probably aren’t.

Advertise on Instagram

7. It’s one of the best ways to reach people on Mobile devices

Recently I made a train trip into Melbourne during peek hour at around 8am. The train was packed with commuters heading to work. I made a point of seeing who was using a mobile device, not just listening to music on one, physically holding a device in front of them, consuming content. I estimate that 9 out of 10 people were looking at a smart phone or tablet. I was’t going to be creepy and look over everyone’s shoulder to see what apps they were using, but with around 14 million active Facebook users in Australia, I’m tipping a high percentage of them were using Facebook.

Facebook Ads on Mobile

8. People share stuff on Facebook

Ever seen someone share a Google AdWords ad or an annoying banner ad? No, no you have not. But if you can create content that’s worth sharing, post it on Facebook and give it a kick up the proverbial with some marketing dollars, you’re a chance of getting that content going viral. Maybe not Old Spice viral, but even if you get a handful of Facebook shares, you will be magnifying your marketing by potentially reaching 1000’s more people.

9. My Father in Law uses Facebook


My father-in-law immigrated to Australia in his early 20’s (that’s not him by the way, Jim has less hair than that guy). He’s around 60 now, doesn’t use a computer or a tablet of any kind, and rarely uses Google. But he has an iPhone 6 and uses Facebook regularly to see what his kids and grandkids are up to as well as keeping in-touch with friends in Greece. It’s about the only media he consumers.

So if you think Facebook is just for Millenials and X and Y genners, think again.

10. Google uses Facebook Ads

Yep, Google advertises their AdWords service on Facebook. Go figure. And hey, if the big G things it works, then who are we to argue?

Google Advertising on Facebook

Google AdWords Ad on Facebook.

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