Synchonizing Facebook Leads with InfusionSoft

By March 24, 2016Facebook
Synchronize Facebook Leads with InfusionSoft

Adding your Facebook Lead Ad leads into InfusionSoft can now be done easily (and affordably) with a app we’ve created called

While Lead Ads have been an awesome new ad format, many have expressed frustration over integrating it with CRM systems such as InfusionSoft.

With LeadSync you can add new leads automatically to InfusionSoft and add custom tags. This 2 minute video will show you how:

There are of course other options available such as DriftRock, for example, but they can be pricey options for smaller businesses.

Also, with LeadSync you can can send email notifications as well as synchronize with MailChimp if you need to.

Sign up to a free account and give it a try at