Facebook Lead Ads – Getting Email Notifications

By February 5, 2016Facebook

Lead Ads launched back in October 2015, and people have been gradually exploring the possibilities of this powerful ad format. However, the main problem with this new format is that you don’t get Facebook Lead Ads email notifications when a new lead gets added via your form.

I’ll explain more below, but if you’re already using Facebook Lead Ads, and want to cut to the chase, then check out the LeadSync.me. You can get unlimited email and Slack notifications.

What Makes Lead Ads Awesome?

Essentially, they make generating leads from mobile devices much much easier than the more traditional landing page method.

When people click on a Facebook Lead Ad from a mobile device they stay within the Facebook App interface.

This mean there’s much faster loading time than if you sent them to a landing page. What’s even better is that Facebook pre-fills a lot of the form data based on what people already have in their profile. So you might expect First/Last Name, email address and even phone fields to be pre-filled. This means people don’t have to type that data in using a tiny keypad and massive error prone fingers.

Here’s how it works from a user experience perspective:

Facebook Lead Generation ads user experience

These factors all translate to much better conversions than it would by sending people to a mobile friendly landing page on your website.

What Sucks about Lead Ads?

Simply, Facebook doesn’t notify you when a new lead is added to your Facebook Forms list (available via your Facebook Page). Unless you have an integrated CRM such as SalesForce, here’s what you currently need to do to get your leads via your Page.

Where to find Facebook Leads from your Lead Generation campaigns.

If you’re disciplined enough or have the appropriate resources, you might manage to do this once or twice a day right?

And what’s so bad about that?

According to a Lead Response Management Study, sales people who attempted to contact prospects within sixty minutes of receiving an inquiry were almost seven times as likely to qualify that lead when compared with other sales reps that attempted contact even an hour later.

The Solution?

Enter LeadSync.me, a web app that will send you Facebook Lead Ads email notifications when you receive a new lead from your leads campaigns.

Having implemented lead generation ads for my clients and them (and us) having similar frustrations, we created this simple web app that will send almost instant updates to your lead list including all the data you’ve requested in the lead form.

Currently in Beta, you can Sign up for a Free Trial Here and start using it.

We’re working on integration with popular CRM’s and Email Marketing platforms such as Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Marketo, Mailchimp and more, so make sure your signup, even if you just want to receive updates.