Using Facebook Lead Ads with Remarketing for Qualified Lead Gen

By December 10, 2015Facebook

Facebook Lead Ads were first released in June 2015 as a means for businesses to gather leads from people, predominantly using mobile devices. The beauty of Lead ads is that users don’t leave the Facebook mobile app AND most of their details are autofilled into a contact form and sent to your Page account once submitted.

Why is this so awesome? Because filling out forms on mobile devices still sucks.

There’s so much mobile traffic on Facebook, but in most cases, if you send this traffic to a form on your website and try to get people to fill in their name and email address, you’re conversion rate’s will be pretty poor.

Here’s an example of the user experience from an ad I ran recently:

Facebook Lead Generation ads user experience

When would you use them?

Before you decide if it could be worthwhile implementing lead generation ads for your business, let’s take a look at the calls to action that you can include in your ads. Here are the options:

  • Apply Now
  • Download
  • Get Quote
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Subscribe

In the example I’ve used above, I’m encouraging people to start a dialogue with me to see if I can help them with their Facebook ads. This is obviously a B2B play, and you can see how Learn More or Get Quote could be good options for generating leads for sales.

However, Sign-Up and Subscribe could easily be used to get people to sign up to a consumer e-commerce newsletter, for example, and using the Download option, you could give something away for free.

Considering these calls to action, use your imagination to consider how you could try Facebook Lead Gen Ads.

How to Create Facebook Lead Ads

Here’s a how-to video for creating Facebook Lead  Ads from within Powereditor. I’ve found using lead  ads with remarketing to be particularly powerful for converting people who have visited your website before but may not have converted due to being on a mobile device.

How do you access the leads?

Finding the leads your campaign generates is not exactly intuitive. From you Facebook Page, you’ll need to go to Publishing Tools, Forms Library, then click the Download link to download a CSV.

Where to find Facebook Leads from your Lead Generation campaigns.

Having to manually check for new leads is not ideas, so we created a solution that will send you an email notification almost instantly. You can sign up for free at

Already using this ad format? I’d love to hear how they’re performing for you. Share your experiences in the comments below.


  • Lisa Nicole

    I having been using Lead Ads for a couple of months for a client. I have found it quite good for capturing leads. The only issue I find is that as it auto fills their email address, that email address may not be one they check regularly so we don’t get a lot of replies on follow up.

    I am using which is very useful, no need to keep checking into the Forms Library.

    • Thanks for the comment Lisa! Glad you’re finding LeadSync useful.