Facebook Lead Ads – What’s All the Fuss?

By February 17, 2016Facebook

Wondering why everyone (including me) is fussing over Facebook Lead Ads? This 35 second video will show you why they are so awesome for capturing leads from people who are browsing Facebook on small mobile devices, such as smartphones.

Long story short, Facebook is able to pre-fill form data based on what people have already entered into their personal profile. This means they don’t have to try to enter in their details using a tiny teeny little keyboard. And all good marketers should know what that translates to – better conversions.

The Only Bad Thing About Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook doesn’t notify you when a new lead is added. Which is a bit shit, because responding to enquiries promptly is important if you want to convert them to sales. So we created LeadSync.me for this.

LeadSync will email you your lead’s information every time a new one is added.