The Massive Facebook Ads Targeting Map

By October 7, 2015Facebook

Download Facebook Mind Map

If you’re wondering if you can specifically target your audience using Facebook Ads, then this map may be of use.

Using Facebook’s Power Editor, I created this mind map so you could look at all the different targeting options and their sub-categories at a glance.

The options you have available to you may differ slightly from country to country – I used an Australian account to build this mind map – but on the whole, it’s a comprehensive list of all the audience targeting available in Facebook ads.

I’ve never counted each node on the map, however, I’d estimate there are over 800 different targeting options available – and this doesn’t include broader page style interests. Combine this with the fact that you can now ask Facebook Ads to target “people with a particular interest who are also interested in something else”, the ability to niche down your ads to your audience is quite amazing.

Download the high quality PDF of the map below. Ideally you’ll want to print it on A3 or A2.