The REAL Facebook Ads Cost Per Conversion Report

Facebook Cost Per Conversion Report

If you’re using Facebook Ads to generate leads or sales, then I’m tipping you keep a close eye on your cost per conversion. And if you’re running Conversion Optimised campaigns, it’s pretty easy to keep a handle on your cost per conversion.

By default, you’ll see reports like these in Facebook Ads Manager:

Facebook Ads cost per conversion report

Typical Facebook Ads cost per conversion report

In the example I’m using above I’m tracking purchases in a Conversion Optimised campaign so one would assume that we’re seeing direct conversions from our ads.

But what many Facebook advertisers don’t realise is that Facebook tracks view through conversions by default.

So ever if someone sees your ad, doesn’t click on it but, for example, clicks on an email you send or an AdWords ad, they still record a conversion.

If you want to see direct click through conversions, there’s a report for that…

If you want to see direct click through conversions, from Facebook Ads manager, click on the Columns drop down menu and click Customise Columns.

Facebook Ads Report Customise Dropdown

Select┬áthe Attribution Window of your choice. For e-commerce campaigns, I like to see how many conversions I’ve had within 24 hours of clicking, so I usually look at “After Clicking Ads – 1 day”.

Facebook Ads attribution window

Now you can see how cost per conversion differs:

cost per conversion facebook ads

As you can see, cost per conversion is more than doubled when we look at the 1 day click attribution window.

If you’re doing email marketing campaigns, and using Custom Audiences to promote you Facebook ads to the same list, you will see a significant difference between the default Cost Per Purchase and the 1 day click through conversion.