How to Build a B2B Sales Funnel with Facebook Lead Ads

By March 3, 2016Facebook
How to Build a B2B Sales Funnel with Facebook Ads

Facebook lead ads can be an amazing tool for helping marketers fill the top of their sales funnel. I’ve noticed B2B marketers, in particular, tend to shy away from Facebook as an advertising medium because they don’t think people hang out there to do business, and to a degree, they’re correct.

However, business people are people too you know (I’ve checked, they really are), and many of them are using Facebook, which gives you the opportunity to get in front of them with Facebook Ads.

With B2B marketing in mind, here’s an example of a Facebook Lead Ad I’m running for my own business, that adds leads to an autoresponder sequence aka “Nurture Sequence” in MailChimp which is part of the top of my sales funnel for my Facebook Ads business:

Facebook Lead Ad Example

The ad above is a Facebook Lead Ad, when people click on the Download button they are shown a form within the Facebook mobile app interface. Facebook pre-fills the form fields with information users have already added to their Facebook profile.

Here’s how the ad above has performing so far today:

Facebook Lead Ad Performance

I’ve run a similar ad sending people using desktop PC’s to a landing page and had a cost per lead (or cost per conversion) of $3. So the reduction in friction from Facebook Lead ads does actually work. Here’s the results from the previous desktop only campaign:


These aren’t huge numbers of course, but I’m going after a B2B audience and 6 leads in a day is not too shabby for a small business.

What do I do with the emails I gather?

Glad you asked.

These leads go into my email nurture funnel. What does that mean? Literally it means they get drip fed around a dozen emails over the space of 2 months with some of my best blog content. Here’s what the first 6 emails look like in MailChimp:

Mailchimp Autoreponder Sequence

While the Facebook Lead Ads I’m running today are new, I’ve been using my Facebook Targeting Map as a lead generator since late last year (2015). So far my autoresponder sequence has sent 24,648 emails. Here are the stats to-date:

Autoresponder Stats

Now, before you go calling me a spammer, 12 of the 13 emails I’m sending aim at helping people improve their Facebook Ads performance. One of the emails in this sequence promotes my services. One. OK, I might mention my services as part of a P.S. but on the whole, my sequence aims to help people.

For the uninitiated, there is one piece of the above strategy that’s missing. How do you get your leads from Facebook into MailChimp. For that I had developed. LeadSync will send email leads from Facebook Lead Ads to MailChimp or directly to you inbox. There are other options available such as DriftRock, but for small businesses, they are a little on the pricey side.

Unfamiliar with Facebook Lead Ads? Here’s a 30 second video of how they work.