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How to Get Your Call to Action on Any Page You Link To

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In an ideal world, we’d have the time and/or resources to find awesome content, summarise it or paraphrase it, add it to our own website (with a link to the original content of course) and tell the world via social media.

But unless you have a social media team or at least a dedicated resource, you’ve got Buckley’s of doing this regularly.


Sniply is a link shortening tool that allows you to add a call to action ON the website you’re linking to (via social media).

If you’re constantly curating great content and sharing the links with your audience, building Sniply into your  workflow will allow you to get a link and your brand in front of them whenever they visit a link you’ve shared.

For example; recently I had a guest post published on Flying Solo. As anyone who is familiar with guest posts will tell you, you get to write an article for another website’s audience in return for the exposure and a link back to your website. More often than not, these links are at the bottom of the article and tend to get lost, they don’t exactly form a strong call to action. With, you can create a much stronger call to action to show to your social media followers.

flying solo article with overlay

Go ahead and click on the image and you’ll see the example.

You can create basic call outs like this with the Free version of, but with the paid version you can do even more such as include email subscription forms and customise colours and placement.