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Using Facebook Lead Ads with Remarketing for Qualified Lead Gen

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Facebook Lead Ads were first released in June 2015 as a means for businesses to gather leads from people, predominantly using mobile devices. The beauty of Lead ads is that users don’t leave the Facebook mobile app AND most of their details are autofilled into a contact form and sent to your Page account once submitted.

Why is this so awesome? Because filling out forms on mobile devices still sucks.

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Where to download leads form Facebook

Where to find Leads from your Facebook Lead Generation Campaign

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Running Facebook Lead Generation ads and wondering where all those juicy sales leads go? Here’s where you can find them.

To download the leads from your lead gen campaign do the following.

Where to find Facebook Leads from your Lead Generation campaigns.

  1. From your Facebook Page, go to Publishing Tools;
  2. Click on Forms Library;
  3. Then Download the CSV (spreadsheet) file.

At the time of posting, Facebook doesn’t send you a notification when someone submits a lead, so it’s worthwhile bookmarking this page trying to make sure you visit it daily.

Facebook Video Ads

How to Publish a Facebook Video Ad

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This video will show you how I recommend you post a Facebook video ad if you want to get people to view your video, then click on a call to action to visit your website.

There are other options available such as boosting a post or choosing the “Get video views” campaign option, but these tend to be more brand awareness campaigns than lead generation focused campaigns.


ThriveLeads Lead Generation Wordpress plugin

Building your List with the ThriveLeads WordPress Plugin

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If you’ve joined my email list, chances are you downloaded this Facebook targeting mind map. As a lead generation tool for my business, it’s been awesome. I’ve had people from all over the world getting in touch with me after downloaded the PDF.

Aside from Facebook Ads enquiries, I’ve also had people asking me what WordPress plugins I use for list building. The answer? ThriveLeads Plugin.

I’ve tried a number of plugins for list building including Sumome and PopupDomination, however, I’ve found ThriveLeads to be the most versatile and affordable option out there so far.

What’s so good about ThriveLeads?

Firstly, it’s versatile. You can easily add the follow lead generation form formats to your site using a WYSIWYG editor:

  • Sticky Ribbon (similar to a hello bar)
  • Popup Lightbox
  • In-line forms
  • 2 step opt-ins
  • Slide in forms
  • Opt-in Widgets

It also hooks up with a range of popular email marketing and CRM API’s including:

  • AWeber
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • iContact
  • sendinblue
  • OntraPort
  • Infusionshoft
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Mad Mini

The ThriveLeads plugin is not completely infallible however. It would be nice to see a welcome mat style option similar to the one has created. Also, I’ve had the occasional issue getting the sidebar widget to show up on some blog posts, but apart from that, I’ve been pleased with ThriveLeads as a lead gen plugin.

Facebook Local Awareness Ads

Facebook Local Awareness Campaigns Just Got So Much Better

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Until recently, if you wanted to run a Facebook Local Awareness campaign, you could only narrow your target audience down to Male or Female and age range.

Fortunately, this has changed. Recently Facebook made all the other targeting options that make Facebook Ads so awesome, available for use on Local Awareness campaigns from with the Power Editor.

Facebook improved Local Awareness campaign targeting

This change makes Local Awareness campaigns so much more powerful than before.

I used to recommend these kinds of campaigns only to hospitality type businesses who rely on local walk in traffic, but this change opens up Local Awareness ads to many other types of businesses. So much so, that I now run them for my own consulting business.




Targeting Holiday Makers with Facebook Ads

Targeting Holiday Makers with Facebook Ads

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It’s coming up to that time of year where Mum and Dad and the kids head down the coast to enjoy the warm weather (in Australia anyway) and a much deserved break.

Near where I live, the camping grounds by the beach fill with 1000’s of holiday markers, it’s an annual pilgrimage for some families and it brings with it millions of dollars for local businesses.

Not all the “great places to keep the kids entertained” are obvious from the comfort of a holiday makers deck chair however. But what do people do on their holidays? Take photos of little Jonny learning to swim with their mobile phone and share them with their friends on Facebook.

And that’s when us marketers have the opportunity to show them our message, in their Facebook News Feed on their mobile device. Because whilst mum and dad holiday maker are posting to Facebook, they’re also seeing what their friends are up to whilst on holidays.

How to target holiday makers in Facebook Ads


Facebook ads - targeting people traveling near your business.

From Facebook Power Editor, you can target people who are traveling within a certain distance of your business.

Combine this with targeting, say, Parents with children aged 8 to 12 who are using a mobile device and you’ve got yourself a highly targeted audience.


How to Target 100’s of Specific Businesses With Facebook Ads

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Targeting people who work for a specific employer via Facebook Ads is a powerful tool for B2B marketers.

targeting people by employer

There’s a couple of ways to use this targeting option:

  1. As a retargeting method to get in front of people who work for your existing client.
    Chances are the email addresses you have for your clients’ are useless for normal Custom Audience retargeting, because no one uses a work email to sign up to Facebook. You could gather all the business names from your CRM and plug them into the Employers field in Facebook’s Audience targeting.
  2. Target businesses you want to do business with
    For example, you might want to court last year’s BRW Fast 100 list of companies.  You could plug these into the Employer list and kick off a kick ass campaign to get you noticed and get their people calling your people.

But who wants to sit there plugging in 100’s of business names, one, business, name, at, a, time. No one.

I know, you could get your VA to do it… but that would be torture.

Here’s how you can import a list of hundreds, if not thousands, of business names into Facebook Ads manager using the Power Editor.





LinkedIn vs Facebook Ads

LinkedIn Ads vs Facebook Ads – Which is Better

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I want to like LinkedIn ads, I really do. The ability to target people based on who they work for and what they do is awesome.

But when you start building a campaign and get a recommended Cost Per Click that looks like this, it makes you realise that their ad platform is not for everyone.

Linkedin high cost per click

SIX DOLLARS and SIXTY THREE cents per click. WTF?

So, how did I get this result? I targeted senior marketers in 3 of the largest cities in Australia. Truth be told, I’m probably competing with a lot of bigger businesses with much deeper pockets than mine, but LinkedIn must still be setting a reserve for these targeting options (I’m guessing).

Now take a look at the recommended CPM rate for the same campaign:


Yep, $31.74 and that’s the minimum recommended.

Enter Facebook Job Type Targeting

Facebook also gives you the ability to target people based on what they have entered into their personal profile.

Luke Moulton Facebook Profile

One would hazard a guess that this information probably isn’t as up to date as what you would find on most professional peoples’ LinkedIn profile.

But here’s the thing; how much time do you spend on Facebook, verses, how much time do you spend on LinkedIn? How often do you open the Facebook app on your phone and how often do you open LinkedIn’s?

Unless you get caught on LinkedIn’s infinite scrolling “People you may know” page (I get sucked in once a week), you probably spend a fraction of your time on LinkedIn compared to Facebook. And guess what, that’s probably the same for 95% of other professionals.

But besides this “session visit time” factor, Facebook Ads are much, much cheaper.

Facebook vs LinkedIn Ads

I setup a similar campaign to the above on Facebook Ads; targeting people who had defined their job type as a senior marketing person. Here are the results so far:

cost per click facebook vs Linkedin

How do you like dem apples LinkedIn! Not only is my Cost Per Click ticking along at $0.44, my Click Through Rate is 2.99%. You’ll be lucky to get a CTR of 0.29% on LinkedIn, depending on how you advertise.

Whilst I’m sure LinkedIn ads has it’s place (for recruiters mainly), just remember, business people use Facebook too, and you can reach out to them at a fraction of the cost of LinkedIn ads.

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Advertising Your Business on Facebook

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As someone trying to market a business, you’re probably trying heaps of advertising mediums. I’m tipping you’re using AdWords, because being in Google’s search results is the modern day equivalent of being in the phone book, it’s become essential to be in the search results. You may have engaged an SEO business in the past with moderate results. You’ve done some direct mail, email marketing, maybe even tried Bing Ads.

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